Monday, June 25, 2012

Featured Artist: Ugur Sahin - 3D Automotive Design & Concepts

Right-click Images and Open in New Tab to view full-size High Resolution Images.

A few days back I was squirming around Deviant Art and I found this guys page and whoaaaa... the Cars were made in 3D and they were so beautiful and exquisite I was immediately impressed. This man is living my dream life :) designing Cars in 3D both real-world ones and the concept cars as well.

Take a look at his company website because pictures speak more than words do. Amazing artist and designer and from Turkey.... one of my favorite countries.

Friday, June 15, 2012

HTML Accent Entity Codes

Ever wonder how to add the accent / dash / hyphen ( ' ) over "é" or other letters or many other variations of this type when working in HTML.... Your problem is solved :) here's a whole list of the HTML Accent Entity Codes (that's what they are called).

HTML Accent Entity Codes: "é"

I had to search these since a client had asked to add accent to a name in the article and I had no clue about this. :) but a live saver, the codes also worked in the Expression Engine Title field, so it was a great experience.

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