Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bird Eye View of a 3D City by K-Birdie !

Right-Click on image and Open In New Tab for a Larger Version

A Project my firm has been working on. Based on high tech minimal design. Its still in the works. Building design was done as teamwork between colleagues. As you can see, its a little more than big :)

Modelled : AutoCad
Rendered : 3D Max
Additional : Usage of Google Maps and Some Pshop filters.

For more of K-Birdie's work

FREE Flash Source (FLA) : Slideshow & Button Rollovers

Category: Adobe Flash CS & Above.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Live Demo Link:
Source Files(FLA & SWF):

I am putting the source FLA of this Flash slideshow and roll-over for free for learning purposes. I did this project back in 2008 as a home page for a new company. Two buttons are not working, but you get the idea how it works, pretty simple stuff but tips for some image zoom blur effects. I put the rest upon you to learn from the FLA.


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Featured Artist: Mike Johnson a.k.a ~DarthMurda

Another talented CG Artist from Blur Studios, Mike Johnson nicknamed ~DarthMurda at Deviant Art. Mike has a cool portfolio mostly containing architectural exteriors and interiors with other objects designed as well.

About Mike Johnson:
Graduate from Art & Design High Shool, Manhattan,NY. Relocated to California to pursue an Aggressive Inline skating career. Through skating,traveled to many areas of the world: France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Austria, Denmark and Amsterdam.

Self taught in creative applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, 3D Studio Max, Vray, Mentalray, and Digital Fusion. 7 +yrs Experience Passionate about working with 3d. Currently reside in Los Angeles, California working fulltime at Blur Studio.

To look at more work of DarthMurda:

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

FREE Textures. Bricks, Walls, Old Temples, Shrines, Tombs.

To Download full size image ( 1600 x 1200 px ) Right-Click, Open in New Tab on images.
I went to a historical place named Thatta in Sindh, Pakistan. I took the pictures of hundreds of years old graveyard, which has old graves, old shrines, old mughal emperor's Tombs etc. These pics can be helpful in designing Indian historical tombs or temples etc. The walls and brick textures can be helpful in many ways for Graphic, Web and 3D Designers... depends on your creativity !

I would want to use some of these images as website backgrounds for some stunning effects. :)