Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shiraz Saeed Showreel 2009

Some more work from Shiraz :)

Shiraz Saeed - 3D Modeler & Animator - Showreel

Shiraz Saeed, is my long-time friend :) He's a passionate 3D Modeler, Designer & Animator, Has worked with great Pakistani companies such as Sharp Image & Post Amazers. Now a days doing his own business and providing above services to clients, I like his work a lot, will be posting more with time. Thanks for reading (if you did read it)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Featured Site: Fantasy Interactive - My Favorite Interactive Agency

Hi. Everyone out there !!!
today I am reviewing the most favorite Interactive Agency. Fantasy Interactive evolved from a small one man endeavor to one of the top interactive / design agencies of the 21st century. I personally like them for many reasons.. like they have built up themselves from ground-up, they have evolved both in their approach and strategy with time. Once they were all FLASH.... heavy, animated and complicated, today they have reviewed their thought patterns and realised and adopted the "balance" which benefits their clients in many ways. These people are award-winners and passionate about what they do. Impressive list of clients and impressive work, as I see them through their website, looks to me one of the best places for designers, developers & creative directors to work at.
I think I have said enough today, visit their site for more info