Thursday, July 26, 2012

Using HTML "Fieldsets & Legends"

I had to use the "Legend" attribute of HTML in a project today, normally this is used in forms but I had to use it to post a Cautionary Statement on the home page of a project, you can take a live look at that here; Also you can use the "View Source" option to check how I setup this stuff using aid from CSS. But there is one issue, I am still not able to find out a way to "center" the legend text i.e. "Cautionary Statement" here in IE. :) I am using IE 8 and it's showing it on the Left, both FireFox and Chrome are showing it in the center, for Chrome the css property "text-align:center;" works and for FireFox simple aligm="center" makes it in the middle of the top border, I also change the border style with CSS by using;
style="border: solid 1px #b9d9ed;"

You can find more help on this at this page: 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cracking Open MacBook Air 13-inch (2012)

Cracking Open MacBook Air 13-inch (2012)

In this post at TechRepublic, they have cracked-open the 2012 MacBook Air, to me the manufacturing is great of a MacBook. Looking inside an Apple will give you more idea about the quality of their products or if they are worth the prices they charge ? :)

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