Tuesday, July 05, 2011

FREE Textures. Bricks, Walls, Old Temples, Shrines, Tombs.

To Download full size image ( 1600 x 1200 px ) Right-Click, Open in New Tab on images.
I went to a historical place named Thatta in Sindh, Pakistan. I took the pictures of hundreds of years old graveyard, which has old graves, old shrines, old mughal emperor's Tombs etc. These pics can be helpful in designing Indian historical tombs or temples etc. The walls and brick textures can be helpful in many ways for Graphic, Web and 3D Designers... depends on your creativity !

I would want to use some of these images as website backgrounds for some stunning effects. :)



  1. thanks @Anonymous.... Please leave your Name/URL so that we can know who commented... :)

  2. Nice textures! It is very important that your web design is unique and of high quality. That way, potential clients will be amazed and impressed about the product or services that you offer.

  3. @web deign Frenso. I agree with you.. look at my latest project www.bandanasbbq.com :)

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