Friday, December 14, 2012

Featured Project: Affordable Signs Website.

Affordable Signs Website Design Project.

Client: Affordable Signs, St. Louis MO. USA.
Project: Logo and Website design for a signs company located in MO, USA.
Tools & Technologies: Adobe Creative Suite, XHTML, JavaScript, Custom Coda-Slider
Live Link:
Launched: Dec 12, 2012 (12-12-12)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Excluding Directories From Open Cart - Edit .htaccess

Hi, Everyone,

I am working with Open Cart  now a days and there are many things needed be taken care of, for example I had an issue with Open Cart taking over my server :) and since I am using Friendly SEO URLs e.g. etc. this creates a situation when you have installed open cart on the root of your website "It does not let you access new sub-directories you create" so, the solution is to edit the .htaccess file on the root of your server and follow these steps;

1- Open your ".htaccess" file in a Text Editor or Dreamweaver
2- Find the line "RewriteBase /"
3- Just under this line add a new line of code "RewriteRule ^/directory-name [L]" Where "directory-name" is the name of your own directory you have already created on the server via FTP or File Manager etc.

Now when you access this newly created directory, it'll still show the Open Cart page with "Page Not Found" error, this is because open cart has put a custom 404 Page on your server, to get rid of this situation you'll have to upload an Index file (index.html, index.htm or index.php etc.) to access the directory.

I have created a custom directory on the client server to show this function; here it shows the index.html file free from the clutches of Open Cart, I believe the same solution can be applied to Word Press or other software that use .htaccess and URL Rewrite Module to present SEO Friendly or User Friendly URLs.

I applied this solution to Open Cart 1.5.4

Thanks & Enjoy !
I.Q !

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How To Disable all Countries in Opencart

While today working with OpenCart for a client, I found out that the back-office has many many countries and there is not an option to select multiple countries and disable them from appearing for users/customers in the front-office. I found the following tutorial to be the best solution, fast and easy. Click the following link for the tutorial.

How To Disable all Countries in Opencart – A guide for e-commerce starters:

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Using HTML "Fieldsets & Legends"

I had to use the "Legend" attribute of HTML in a project today, normally this is used in forms but I had to use it to post a Cautionary Statement on the home page of a project, you can take a live look at that here; Also you can use the "View Source" option to check how I setup this stuff using aid from CSS. But there is one issue, I am still not able to find out a way to "center" the legend text i.e. "Cautionary Statement" here in IE. :) I am using IE 8 and it's showing it on the Left, both FireFox and Chrome are showing it in the center, for Chrome the css property "text-align:center;" works and for FireFox simple aligm="center" makes it in the middle of the top border, I also change the border style with CSS by using;
style="border: solid 1px #b9d9ed;"

You can find more help on this at this page: 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cracking Open MacBook Air 13-inch (2012)

Cracking Open MacBook Air 13-inch (2012)

In this post at TechRepublic, they have cracked-open the 2012 MacBook Air, to me the manufacturing is great of a MacBook. Looking inside an Apple will give you more idea about the quality of their products or if they are worth the prices they charge ? :)

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Featured Artist: Ugur Sahin - 3D Automotive Design & Concepts

Right-click Images and Open in New Tab to view full-size High Resolution Images.

A few days back I was squirming around Deviant Art and I found this guys page and whoaaaa... the Cars were made in 3D and they were so beautiful and exquisite I was immediately impressed. This man is living my dream life :) designing Cars in 3D both real-world ones and the concept cars as well.

Take a look at his company website because pictures speak more than words do. Amazing artist and designer and from Turkey.... one of my favorite countries.

Friday, June 15, 2012

HTML Accent Entity Codes

Ever wonder how to add the accent / dash / hyphen ( ' ) over "é" or other letters or many other variations of this type when working in HTML.... Your problem is solved :) here's a whole list of the HTML Accent Entity Codes (that's what they are called).

HTML Accent Entity Codes: "é"

I had to search these since a client had asked to add accent to a name in the article and I had no clue about this. :) but a live saver, the codes also worked in the Expression Engine Title field, so it was a great experience.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Featured Work: Customized Simple jQuery Dropdowns

Hi. I just customized a good and simple jQuery drop-down menu which proved to be very good in a situation where I have a bit complex design layout. This jQuery menu is available for download at CSS Tricks:

 The basic menu looked like this:

And the customized version that I did looks like this:

You can view the live demo of customized version at:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SEO: +1 your website

I think +1 is a great way to optimize the websites for Google, as people share their interest together and it counts as a measuring tool of the quality of pages, more people +1 it the more it's a good quality or relevant to topic page. I like this idea of google and have seen my websites perform better in search engine due to this handy tool.

You can also add this widget to your website here: Let visitors recommend your content on Google Search and share it on Google+ ( )

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty Photo - JQuery Plug-In

PrettyPhoto is a jQuery lightbox clone. Not only does it support images, it also support for videos, flash, YouTube, iframes and ajax. It’s a full blown media lightbox. It is very easy to setup, yet very flexible if you want to customize it a bit. Plus the script is compatible in every major browser, even IE6. It also comes with useful APIs so prettyPhoto can be launched from nearly anywhere (yes, that includes Flash)!”

Read more about jQuery lightbox for images, videos, YouTube, iframes, AJAX | Stéphane Caron – No Margin For Errors on:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Babar Iqbal (Youngest MCP,MCTS,MSP,CIWA & CWNA, Software Architect, Technology Guru & Speaker) from D.I. Khan, Pakistan.

Khaleej Times featuring Babar Iqbal in its Pakistan Independence Day Special Edition on 14th August 2011!

Babar Iqbal (Urdu: بابراقبال )(Born March 2,1997), is a whiz Kid and IT Prodigy from Pakistan who started at the age of 5. He came to the prominence by becoming one of the the Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) at the age of 9 years 27 days on March 29 2006,Youngest Certified Internet Web Professional Associate (CIWA) aged 9 years 02 months 25 days on May 27 2006, Youngest Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) at 10 years 02 months 25 days on May 27 2007, Youngest Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) at 11 years 05 months 08 days on 10 August 2008 and Youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in .NET 3.5 at 12 years 03 months 20 days on June 22 2009.

" My wish and dream is to spread IT around the world, specially children!...every child deserves education! "--Babar Iqbal,
Youngest MCP,MCTS,MSP,CIWA and CWNA in the world.

Windows Phone 7 /XNA Developer,Software Architect,IEEE Published Researcher and Technology Guru & Speaker!Z

His Official Website:

Facebook Page, IT For All:

Pride of Pakistan !!! Pakistan Zindabad.............