Friday, June 26, 2009

Blur Studio, The Making of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Trailer

This is the event where Blur Studio makes about a 2 hour video presentation on how they brought to life the cinematic trailer of "Warhammer Online" which according to me is a great trailer featuring war scene and one-on-one fights of enemy race characters like an elf is fighting an evil female elf etc. etc.

The above female character is made by Sze Jones and in the third part of the video she describes step by step process of developing this character. A lot to learn from this two hour video, pretty helpful for inspiration from industry leading artists and animators.

Event Videos and Pictures Link:

Sze Jones Interview at ZBrush Central

This is a good interview of a great Female artist Sze Jones, She has great skills and specially in the area of "Female Character Modeling". In this interview she describes about her work and life, I was happy to know that she also learned "Belly Dance" :) and what can I say about her beauty the combination of beauty, skill, sense of humor and intelligence makes this girl a dream girl. Specially her new work on "Warhammer Online's Evil Elf" is something to look at.
Interview Link: