Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skill Tests on oDesk !

Hi. I have taken a couple of skill tests on oDesk and have gone through. You can click on the badges below to get detailed results for the tests. The one thing I like about these tests is that they provide information about how you have performed in different areas of a skill. e.g. I gave the XHTML 1.0 test and got an overall score of 3.0 but at the same time it gives you insight in which area you performed best and where you're lacking.

oDesk Certified XHTML 1.0 Designer
Topic Correct Answers
1. Fundamentals: 45%
2. Images and Links: 86%
3. Tables and Forms: 88%
4. Tags: 43%

oDesk Certified Flash Designer
Topic Correct Answers
1. Action Script: 60%
2. Editing Artwork and 3d graphics: 17%
3. Imported Artwork and Text: 67%
4. Managing Documents,Workspace and Screens: 20%
5. Publishing,Exporting and Filters: 100%
6. Sound and Video: 86%
7. Symbols and Assets: 50%
8. Timelines and Animation: 62%

So I like oDesk better than other freelancing sites, specifically for the ease of transfer of money to your bank account to Pakistan. You can do a direct wire transfer to your bank account from oDesk and even the first transfer is FREE, however Elance gives you one wire transfer FREE per month, that's attractive but they have other limitations like subscription fees and also a big comission fee as well, which in-turn puts a lot of burden on the service provider. However, here's my oDesk Profile link where you can go to hire me for developing your websites, designing logos and PHP Programming etc. My latest project is for Bandanas Bar-B-Q, MO, USA

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