Saturday, June 11, 2011

Free Website Source - HTML, CSS, FLA and Photoshop PSD.

Today I am sharing a project of mine with everyone out there to provide others with a learning curve as well. This is a website that I converted from Photoshop PSD to HTML. Although the site is an old project from 2005 and the layout is done in tables but I think it'll be a good help as learning wheels.

I had created roll-overs with Fireworks at that time, now you can use either CSS or Javscript roll-overs today, which are easier and more accessible.

You can download the site with source files here:

The zip file contains html files, source PSDs, PNGs and a Flash FLA etc. I think it'll be good help for beginners. I'll be soon sharing more projects. :) You're FREE to use any source code or files in your projects.

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