Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Tutorial: Designing A Newsletter Ad with Fireworks + Photoshop

Today's short tutorial is about designing a newsletter ad using Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks. You must have noticed in your subscribed email newsletters that some Graphic / Image Ads appear in the email embedded with the HTML Newsletter.

Designing a Graphic Newsletter Ad
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advance
Source Files: http://hotfile.com/dl/133156607/9bbf162/Design_Newsletter-PSD_PNG.zip.html
Tools: Fireworks 8, Photoshop CS2

Standard Width for Email Ads: 600 Pixels

This is an ad that I did last year for one of my clients in dubai, I am now uploading the source files as open source to be used as a learning experience.

I use a strategy that is I think of my own, as we all know that drawing in Fireworks is far easier than Photoshop, at least for me... so I have designed the basic objects and image placements of the ad in Fireworks 8 and then open the .PNG file in Photoshop and use the photoshop text tool for type, as photoshop's text/type result is very smooth and you can rasterize the text and apply filters if you can get more smoother / crisper results.

Look at the source files for further guidance. I used Myriad Pro as the main font, you can search and download from the web.

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